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Recipes for the Days of Unleavened Bread

We’ve had some requests for details of recipes that can be used for making breads, cookies and similar without yeast or leavening agents.  Over the decades, many articles have appeared in Church of God literature on this subject.  A selection of helpful articles is given below.  ENJOY!

The BASIC Unleavened Bread By Maureen McNab

Unleavened Bread & Cracker Recipes 

Unleavened Bread — Dessert Recipes

Converting US to UK Baking Measurements (and vice versa)


Three Part series on God’s Holy Day Calendar

One topic that always seems to be up for debate is the calendar that we should use to keep God’s Holy Days.  A number of the churches of God deviate from the church’s “traditional dates” — sometimes by just a day or two — and sometimes by an entire month.  The following articles look at the various ways of establishing the calendar, and show why we continue to observe the calendar that has been “traditional” among the Church of God (and traditional in this context means “the one we’ve always used” — not one that is merely a “human tradition”!!).  UPDATED 2017

Part 1: The Truth about God’s Calendar
   Or click here for pdf version    ...PDF

Part 2: Should We Keep the Visible Crescents?  Or click here for pdf version ...PDF

Part 3: The Hebrew Calendar and Its Postponements  Or click here for pdf version ...PDF


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Discerning the Lord’s Body    

Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees!   

Understanding the Bread of Passover (Sermon transcript)

What Do You Mean - Unleavened Bread?   

The Plain Truth about LUCIFER    

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Easter versus Passover

WHEN Should We Keep Passover?

Are There EIGHT Days of Unleavened Bread?

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